4 Amazing Black Motivational Books By Black Authors

black motivational books

Black is Beauty, Black is power, Black is the color of everything combined. If you are an avid reader who has a lot of passion to read books that have amazing stories and also inspire us greatly then you must read black motivational books by black authors. Every black author has a deep anguish in their stories, their characters filled with oppression, sufferings of life, the beauty of love and freedom, and a powerful motivating message that can be extremely influential. Every black author’s book is filled with emotions of sadness and joy, when you read them you find yourself lost into their world, some stories will make you cry while some of them will give positive energy to your mind.

Americanah, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie:

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Americanah is a story of mixed culture and navigating different parts of being in more than one culture. It’s a journey of exploring while maintaining your own Blackness, the story is about a young black girl from Nigeria who moved to the United States of America from her country to attend higher education in the university. Adichie has a unique way of storytelling which makes you relate and resonate with the characters in this book.

Becoming by Michelle Obama:

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This book is all about Michelle Obama, well known as the first black female to be the first lady, Becoming is the deeply personal journey of becoming what she is today, her roots, her culture, her contribution to society, and as the first lady of the president of the United States. This is a non-fiction book that will inspire you to become more than your appearance, your name, and your skin color, Becoming will surely help you to become someone you always wanted to.

We Should All Be Feminist by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie:

We Should All Be Feminist is another great book by Adichie, it is a collection of essays written about the twenty-first century feminism and its definition. The book talks about Adichie’s personal and elaborate view of being a Nigerian feminist writer and why she thinks that we should all be feminists.

The Color Purple by Alice Walker:

The Color Purple is an Epistolary type novel set in rural Georgia and focuses on the lives of black women under slavery and patriarchal oppression. The novel speaks about the traumas and turmoil faced by black people, especially by black women. This novel has some strong character growth which will make you be attached to them, you will feel their pain, their grief, and their struggle to be something worth it. Personally speaking, this novel has made me cry more than once, but one thing is the story has made me feel inspired and powerful, it motivates you to come out from your prison, and inspires you to fulfill your own dreams.


All the black motivational books by black authors books mentioned above are easy to get in any local bookstore, library, and online website. You can also find different translations of the books since they are widely known and popular in many countries; Overall they are some must-read books that you should add to your shelf.

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