7 Detrimental Health Consequences Of Depression That We Do Not Talk About Enough – You Will Be Very Surprised By Number 6

Everyone knows that depression is highly sacramental for your mental health. But few know that depression also affects your physical health. Untreated or Uncontrolled depression can ruin you physically. Even depression can make you sick and can keep you away from taking good care of yourself. Fortunately, depression treatment can help you avoid the seven reasons depression is a hazardous risk for your health.

Heart Disease And Depression

Depression can lead to numerous heart diseases. It can also worsen your heart’s condition and make it very difficult for you to recover from several heart disease complications. Not only this, you are at a higher risk of a heart attack due to depression. As per the research, there is a rising 20% deaths due to depression after a heart attack. Low diet, smoking, drinking, and not exercising can also result in poor heart health. Therefore, along with controlling your depression, you must also keep a check on your habits and routine.

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