7 Life Situations That Deserve A Thank You – Being Grateful About Number 5 Can Actually Be Helpful

If you think you haven’t been gracious enough lately, you’re not alone. A lot of people often forget to say ‘Thank You’. This short phrase happens to be one of the most underused despite being appropriate for many situations.

Humans undoubtedly struggle with being grateful. If we realized how effective a simple ‘Thank You’ is, the world would be a better place. Even so, we often overlook giving our gratitude in many circumstances, such as the seven discussed here.

After Receiving A Compliment

A common way to react to compliments is to play them down. Sure, you won’t come off as proud or overly egotistic, but you’re still devaluing the compliment.

Example: “Straight As in your test! You deserve that Ivy League spot.”

Instead of: “I know. I still missed some points in the project.”

Try saying: “Thank You. I’m looking forward to joining next year.”

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