Motivational Speech: How To Speak Like A Pro

What Is A Successful Motivational Speech? Let’s start by defining what it should be. A motivational speech has the end goal of being able to inspire an audience. It touches not only the intellect but the heart as well. Not only should it elicit action. It should also elicit an inner change in behavior, for […]

Teaching Kids Discipline The Fun And Positive Way

Teaching kids discipline has always either been controversial or too daunting a task to take on. The topic of the “discipline rod” has also added salt to the first.

Personal Development: Motivation For Health

Personal Development: Motivation For Health

Getting fit and maintaining wellness is a fad today just as fashion and electronic dance music (EDM) are. You forget that the better motivation to drive yourself to stay healthy is health itself.

Positive Thinking: The Key To Happiness

Things that can add to our happiness. However, we fail to understand that one of the keys to happiness is already within us: positive thinking.

How To Achieve Your Dreams: Don’t Be Afraid To Dream Big

We’re sure you’ve heard of the sentence ” Dream Big.” But what exactly does it mean? Dreaming big is all about allowing your mind has a goal that may seem impossible to achieve in your current reality. It’s dreaming without any restrictions. The question is: how can you achieve your dreams? Why Dream Big? Because […]

How To Be Motivated To Stay Healthy

Being a driven and motivated individual isn’t only about how to channel those two factors in your mind.

Losing Self-Confidence: How To Stop It

Nobody knows you better than you do. We’ve heard this a thousand times before and there’s no point disbelieving it. The person with us enough to really know who we are (and that’s 24/7, by the way), is our very self. We know our likes and dislikes, what drives us and what gets us down. […]

What You Should Know About Self-Confidence

With the advent of social media growing by the second, it’s so easy for someone who has a week’s hold on his or herself to fall into the trap of “comparison.” There are thousands of pictures and videos that bring subliminal messages of what looks good and what doesn’t. What a good body figure is […]

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