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Do You Learn From Mistakes?Are We?


Everyone makes mistakes; as humans, it is a natural phenomenon. Mistakes help us grow, as we always learn new lessons from them. But you must be bold enough to acknowledge and admit them to learn from them. If you form the habit of blaming others for your mistakes or misfortunes, you will only grow into a fickle-minded and immature person. 

Mistakes can be categorized into two: unconscious and conscious mistakes. Unconscious mistakes, as the name suggests, are mistakes that happen unconsciously without our knowledge. Conscious mistakes, on the other hand, refer to the ones that we keep on repeating time and again. Conscious mistakes are intentional and are mostly a result of laziness or bad habits. For instance, if you reach your workplace late regularly, that is a conscious mistake which you are too lazy to correct. 

Why Do Mistakes happen? 

We commit mistakes mainly due to a lack of proper knowledge and experience. Above all, all of us like to try and experiment with new things. At times they work and sometimes don’t. Mistakes are very common while trying new things. Apart from this, errors also occur because of carelessness and proper planning. 

Do You Learn From Mistakes?Are We?
Do You Learn From Mistakes?Are We?

Does Mistake Means Failure? 

Often we consider ourselves to be a failure if we are not successful at something due to specific mistakes. But this is a wrong concept. Failure is not synonymous with mistakes. For instance, many times, we go out of our comfort zone to try new things. In such a situation, we are without any knowledge or prior experience, and therefore, making mistakes is a very common thing. Mistakes make us learn and teach us to be more aware and careful in life. So, instead of getting discouraged, try again with the newly explored knowledge, and you will surely succeed. 

Correcting: The Only Way To Learn From Mistakes

Nobody learns from committing mistakes until and unless you make efforts to correct them and try not to make them happen again. Some ways to correct your mistakes are listed below:

  • Recognize and acknowledge your mistakes. Try to find out how and what went wrong. Also, learn to admit them. 
  • Try to locate your weak points by engaging in some introspection. It is only by knowing and understanding your weaknesses that you can progress in life. 
  • As you know about your shortcomings now, try working on them and make improvements to not commit the same mistake again. 
  • If you possess any habit that is making you be a victim of the same mistake again and again, try breaking the pattern by attempting to do something new and innovative. 
  • Learning is a lifelong process, and learning from mistakes is part and parcel of life. Enjoy new learning each day. 
Do You Learn From Mistakes?Are We?
Do You Learn From Mistakes?Are We?

To sum it up, you need to inculcate three habits to learn from your mistakes:

  • Be ready for challenges or to try new things always. This is where you make mistakes in the first place. 
  • Have the guts and self-confidence to accept them. 
  • Always make efforts . 

Mistakes are inevitable, but the experiences that come with them are valuable.