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Don’t Wait For “Perfection”, Start Now


“Perfection ” is the word which everybody loves to assign in their work. We dream of becoming perfect every day. From school day to college days and now when we are working, we always leaned toward the word perfection. 

People, be it our teacher or friend or colleague they too, demand the perfect word in their involvement with us. For instance, our friend will demand perfect friendship in the history of friendship. This concept of perfection in something that nobody teaches us. But we tend to evolve the knowledge to achieve the best possible way to get perfect. However, everyone deserves appreciation. This concept of receiving recognition in every aspect of life tends to make us lean toward perfection. 

Don’t Wait For "Perfection", Start Now
Don’t Wait For “Perfection”, Start Now

To Be Precise What Is Perfection?

The term perfection, one can deduce it has come from staying and remaining perfect. People with the habit of making everything perfect are the ones who criticize the most. They unknowingly lookout for faults in other work. People from the very beginning looked for ways and methods to make their work a perfect example. If they somehow failed, they welcomed the notion of criticism. 

One must learn that criticism is for the better good. If you face criticism, then the one who is criticizing is laying the foundation of making you perfect. Siblings are the best teacher and example in this reference. 

Being perfect is not easy; people in school try their level best to score the perfect full marks. For staying perfect, one requires to lead the life of flawlessness, which is not possible in these recent times. 

People are running to stay in the competitions, moreover staying perfect in this race of life is getting harder and harder day by day. 

One Should Not Wait For Perfection to Start Now.

 Perfection is a collective term which one can use in a variety of aspects. Be it a presentation or dress for a party. People try their level best to become perfect. But there anyone, who wonders why is there the need to become accurate? 

Don’t Wait For "Perfection", Start Now
Don’t Wait For “Perfection”, Start Now

Our teachers, along with parents, often scolded and rebuked us for studying and scoring well. But now we can see that effort which we relentlessly put to our study time; we could have used that precious time to perfect the skill which we are passionate about, for instance, painting. The term perfection can go hand in hand with any verb. But one must know where to put the effort and become the perfect one. 

When you think of achieving an assigned bar to become perfect, you might think the ideal time to use the effort. When you think of doing something, don’t just wait to make it complete. Sometimes imperfections are there, which also melts our hearts. In this context, we become aware that the notion of perfection is nothing but an idea that can develop or damage the mental health of a person. The idea of imperfection to lays a concrete base in this generation. We are the people who have the brain to make any imperfect thing look perfect in a variety of prospects. Therefore don’t wait for perfection; start now.