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Find Your Passion And Live The Life You Love


Passion is the motivation for an individual to get up in the morning. It is a silent feeling of satisfaction, knowing that you are living life on your terms. Everybody is not aware of their passion in the right way. Stop worrying if you, as an individual, can’t find your passion. You may find it in a new career or a hobby or activity.

Find Your Passion And Live The Life You Love
Find Your Passion And Live The Life You Love

Ways To Find Your Passion.

  1. Understand where You Are
  2. What motivates your decision
  3. Figure out your values – your values are your core belief. It can be religious or spiritual. It is believed that if an individual doesn’t not according to his values, he feels unhappy and demotivated.
  4. Ask yourself self-awareness questions -People have never thought to know what their values are. Ask yourself what thing feels right to you
  5. Look for pattern and theme in your answer- once an individual has figured out the answer to the question if you examine your answer, what happens you to make happy and purpose to life.
  6. Think about what you love to do- Relax and think whether an individual is doing something that he loves to do. Understand what you love to do and use it efficiently so that it converts into the passion that helps explore your wish.

More Ways To Understand Where You Are

  • Think what you have always thought of doing- list down all the things you have thought of doing it but haven’t done it because of the shortage of time, money or some other reasons. Think of what you have dreamed of but never did it.
  • Decide what matters you the most- it is difficult to do everything. Moreover, it is essential to know your priorities and understand what is necessary for you that will help you achieving everything

Laying the base

  • Set a goal – Goals can be big or small, like looking for a job or just enrolling for some class. To set a goal that an individual wants to achieve one has to consider who is responsible for achieving the goals. What are the excellent points about your purpose? Most people are not able to achieve their goals because they are not clear. When will you achieve the goals and Where to perform them?
  • Commit on saying yeah-  the word yeah is a motivation that encourages to look for passion. For eg, your goal is to go somewhere, but you don’t have money. It seems impossible, but there are different ways to achieve what is important to you.

More Ways For Laying The Base

Find Your Passion And Live The Life You Love
Find Your Passion And Live The Life You Love
  • Practice mindfulness- fear is the biggest that that takes an individual away from completing his passion. When fear encourages the decision.  Don’t take the risk and doesn’t let yourself at risk
  • Be patient with yourself- Discover your passion means taking trials. Trials normally take time. Try different ideas till one gets clicked


Everybody has a passion for something in life. If an individual is in excellent condition, it becomes easy for an individual to achieve his dream very quickly. Because of changing environment it becomes difficult for an individual to accomplish his dreams