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Internal Rewards And External Rewards: The Needs And Benefits


Internal rewards, something that helps us to look forward and inspires us to work harder to make a good impression. Rewards can be of two types, external and internal. It varies from one person to another what the find to be the prime guiding force. But we can say without any doubt that it is because of a reward which keeps us working harder than before.

How Internal And External Rewards Are Beneficial :

In the modern competitive world where everything has become a rat race. It is clear that we would need a driving force to keep us motivated. Internal rewards are something we look forward to when we do something be it our profession or anything else. Rewards are the fuel to keep the engine moving. Though we all want to be rewarded at some of the points in time for our efforts. It depends on what kind of reward we need. Nowadays most people rely on money or some sort of material gain but forget the benefits of internal peace and happiness.

External Rewards And  Its Benefits :

Internal Rewards And External Rewards: The Needs And Benefits
Internal Rewards And External Rewards: The Needs And Benefits

Most of the works are appreciated through materials such as money, gifts or any other way that can be used for physical pleasure. It is necessary to consider that they are important for our general well being but it’s not supposed to be our only concern. If you have done a work that has caused you an enormous monetary gain that is definitely useful but it has no impact on your inner life then it might be that impact full.

Internal Rewards And Why We Should Give It Equal Importance :

In the fast pacing world we all are more or less stressed, be it stress from work or personal life. It is continuously impacting our day to day life. Running only behind the money can take our inner peace and make us miserable. But if we choose to indulge ourselves in a work that can provide us with mental happiness it will not only be beneficial for our image in society. Mental peace leads to a more happy and full-filling life. If we help any person who is in need knowing the person probably can never repay it. This will not make us rich but we will definitely be rich at heart. So it is important to check if we are continuously working to maintain the balance between our craving for internal and external rewards.

Internal And External Rewards: The Need To Keep Check

Internal Rewards And External Rewards: The Needs And Benefits
Internal Rewards And External Rewards: The Needs And Benefits

It’s completely alright for us to look forward to rewards to evaluate our performance and growth but it is also important to keep a check whether we are only working to increase our bank balance or we are also trying to keep our mind rich as well. Both of these are equally important to lead a healthy and happy life. Life is not only about the counting of how many rewards we are receiving be it internal and external but we must always try to keep a check whether they are both balanced to keep us on the right track.

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