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Life Is Not As It Is But As We Are


Life, just a four-letter sentence but hold such great magnitude. Many people live their journey without comprehending the true meaning of life exactly is. Life is definitely not a mere scenario of eating, sleep, breed and death but it has to have more deep meaning hidden within. Many people die without realizing the greatest gift that life is.

Life Is Not Just A Mere Phenomenon Of Birth And Death Cycle:

Any situation or person cannot have any power on us without us giving in to their desire to manipulate our life. Throughout our journey, we come across many overwhelming situations but it’s up to us how we are going to react. Our reaction actually decides what the next few phases will be. It is not just birth and death but what important is how we utilize the time in between. We all look for better opportunities in this journey but often lack the courage to take the risk in life. Worst and best situations are all part of the cosmic world but how we are going to react to each situation makes all the difference. This is the reason, the same situation produces two different people. It’s not the circumstance, it’s our reaction against it.

Life Is Not As It Is But As We Are
Life Is Not As It Is But As We Are

It’s Up to Us To Make The Better Choice:   

is a continuous journey, there are many hurdles and U-turns and dead ends. This doesn’t mean that we should end our journey. Just like a road journey, some enjoy the journey and some only wait to reach the destination while totally miss on the view. Similarly, in this journey, we may have to come across difficult and challenging situation. We must learn to stand strong and face the same to make our life better. As they say, we need to continuously move forward in order to prosper and excel. Other than some very fortunate people, this is not a bed of rose.

Some have more spikes than other but we all have to face challenges in order to get to our goal. What makes some people great is how they have fought against all the odds and received success. During any situation, we must introspect what could have caused our suffering and how we can overcome it without compromising our values and morals. It’s easy to follow a short cut road but most of the time they have lurking danger in them.

Know More About Life:

Life Is Not As It Is But As We Are
Life Is Not As It Is But As We Are

It is easy for people to judge as no one know the pain of walking on different person’s shoe. We should never give up to the criticism of other people. We should never let anyone decide our course of fate. Outside influences losses all it’s power if we are stable and at peace from within. Giving in to someone else’s choice should be avoided at any cost. We must not forget that the steering is in our hand, we are responsible for where we take our life to. Life is Short and precious, our main focus should be on how to make our life better materially and emotionally.

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