Losing Self-Confidence: How To Stop It

Losing Self-Confidence: How To Stop It And Gain It Back

Nobody knows you better than you do. We’ve heard this a thousand times before and there’s no point disbelieving it. The person with us enough to really know who we are (and that’s 24/7, by the way), is our very self. We know our likes and dislikes, what drives us and what gets us down. What makes us happy and what makes us lose our joy. And yet, when it comes to losing self-confidence, we often seem to be the last ones to know about it, or for others, the last ones to even acknowledge it.

Losing Confidence: The Causes

Losing confidences comes from various experiences we go through such as poor performance at work (or in school, for those who are still in the academia). When we are unable to perform well, the only two responses are that we loosen our grip on our belief in ourselves or that we hold on to it even tighter because we know that something positive will come out of this circumstance.

The problem is that more often than not, we choose the first. Why? Because it’s easier to let loose than to put our guards up. It’s easier to loosen our grip on our self-esteem than to make a conscious effort to continue to hold on to it.

Other stressful events, financial problems, health and weight issues, relational troubles and the like are among the many factors that lead to us losing confidence in who we are and what we can do.

How To Gain Back Self-Esteem

The crucial first step is always to acknowledge it. There’s no need to feel embarrassed about accepting that at this point in your life, you may have lost if not lowered your self-confidence. It’s okay. It happens to everyone. And you can definitely get out of it.

Losing Self-Confidence: How To Stop It

That’s what we want you to do. Take that first step of acknowledging you’ve lost what you once had. But unlike most things in this world, it’s something that you can gain back.

Think positively. And if the positive thoughts just aren’t coming, ACT positively. If it ain’t working, fake it. You know how that goes. Trick your mind to tell your body that you ARE getting back up on your feet even if it may not feel that way. Before you know it, your body will pick up on those signals until you are able to actually create positive thoughts in your head.

Additionally, stop thinking negatively. Stop it altogether. Negative thoughts do nothing but cause you to be more anxious and be in a downward spiral of having low self-esteem. To replace them with positivity. If you feel you’re at your worst, that’s great. Because light will shine brightest during the darkest night.

Get back to what you used to do. And then some. Continue doing what you do in your routine. At the same time, add something new. Create a hobby, enroll in something you’d really like to learn (doesn’t need to be academic). Go out with friends. Read a book. Watch a new movie. Check out a sporting event.

Take care of your health and be mindful of how you dress. Eat healthily. A body that feels good from the inside will radiate that goodness outside. Also, yes. we’re telling you to be one to groom yourself. When you look at the mirror, you need to be able to see yourself looking good. And when you see yourself looking pleasant, smile and tell yourself that today’s going to be amazing. Just take everything one step at a time.

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