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Motivation: The Scientific Guide On How To Get and Stay Motivated


Motivation is crucial for continued productivity and goal achievement. We often come across a lot of speeches or articles that are meant to motivate us. Staying motivated consistently can help us do great things. However, the lack of motivation is widespread among people today. Reading a motivational book or hearing a speech does not always guarantee the desired outcome. So it would help to understand how motivation works. And not just that, we need to know how motivation works and what the science behind it is. If you want to learn all about it, then this article is for you.

Motivation: The Scientific Guide on How to Get and Stay Motivated
Motivation: The Scientific Guide On How To Get and Stay Motivated

How Motivation Works

Several books state that motivation takes effect when the pain of not doing something outweighs the pain of doing it. For example, you might want to start working out. However, the action will not take effect until the time when the pain of not working out and staying the way you are gets more painful than the pain of working out. However, staying motivated is also very difficult. Let us look at a few things that tell us how to be motivated.

Many studies suggest that the most critical factor in doing something to set up a routine.

The 3 Rs

Feeling unmotivated is very common. There are times when we do not want to do anything. Under such circumstances, you need simple routines that will get you to do your job. The 3 Rs method can be beneficial for that.


This step acts as a set up towards the actual task. For instance, if you want to go to the gym, start with a simple step. Also, it can be as simple as putting on your gym clothes. It has to be simple enough that you do not forgo it.


The reminder leads you to the routine. Hence, the routine makes up the actual task, like working out.


The reward is reaping the benefit of the task. However, to be able to complete the job is a reward in itself. The long term rewards of doing it over and over again are only possible if you keep up your routine.

Goldilocks Rule

According to the Goldilocks rule, motivation works to do a job when it is neither too hard, nor too easy. If the work is too difficult, it is demotivating because it seems too unachievable. Also, if a task is too easy and does not present any challenge, you do not continue with it. In other words, it is just beyond our current horizon of abilities.

Motivation: The Scientific Guide On How To Get and Stay Motivated
Motivation: The Scientific Guide On How To Get and Stay Motivated

The Most Difficult Part

The most challenging part of doing something new is to get started. This part is what you need maximum help with and a lot of motivation. So, set up a routine that will get you to do it. Usually, once you have started with it, you will keep doing it. Therefore, you have set a routine, so you do not waste time thinking about ‘what to do next.’ Also, keep in mind the Goldilocks rule and pick tasks that seem too unachievable.