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Motivational Thoughts And Motivational Speech Overdose Can Be Harmful


Motivational thoughts and motivational speech are great ways to stay positive. We all have heard them and felt positive about life. Many have found the strength to get past the rough patches. So, does this hurt anyone? It seems ridiculous, isn’t it? However, the fact is, there are times when motivational thoughts and speeches can cause more harm than good. Let us find out what to avoid to fall into that trap, and how to best benefit from them.

Motivational Thoughts Are Good Till A Point

We are constantly being motivated thanks to numerous motivational speeches that are posted on social media. Today, due to the social media boom, we are seldom out of touch. However, this constant feed of positive thoughts and quotes are also having a negative effect on a few individuals. Odd as it may seem, this is entirely true and something we need to address immediately.

Over-optimism Is A Problem

Motivational Thoughts And Motivational Speech Overdose Can Be Harmful
Motivational Thoughts And Motivational Speech Overdose Can Be Harmful

Being overly-optimistic is a major issue. This is one of the reasons why people go on a gambling spree or don’t take care of what they have right now. Thoughts like ‘things will get sorted in the end’ and that ‘I am in control’ are good, but we need the touch of reality. We need to understand when things are getting out of control. If you have lost your job, have plenty of loans, and there is no major financial backing, you need to consider that you are in a mess and do what needs to be done to get thing sorted. Thoughts and speeches like ‘things will sort out’ can’t help. Nothing happens automatically. Our actions are needed. In this case it is yours. Over-optimistic individuals often drive them into situations where they should not have landed in the first place. So, be optimistic, but don’t lose it.

Trying To Be Perfect

Another major risk associated with a high dose of motivational speeches is that people start believing in the ‘perfect’. Perfectionism is a major issue. There is no way a person can ever be perfect. There are always small flaws associated with each one among us and we have to live with them. These are normal in every person. But, aiming for perfectionism can be a lot more demotivating as you realize that you can’t achieve it. However, these are impossible goals and not real ones. Be realistic. Too much of the motivational speeches can have this negative effect.

How To Be Motivated The Right Way?

Motivational Thoughts And Motivational Speech Overdose Can Be Harmful
Motivational Thoughts And Motivational Speech Overdose Can Be Harmful

What you need to learn is how to take motivational thoughts and speeches in the right manner and in the right context. The first thing that you should stop doing is going through motivational quotes all through the day. You can make better progress if you are spending that time to sort things that are not okay in your life. Secondly, you must keep your feet grounded. You need to know what is possible and what isn’t. You have to remain practical too.

There are many people who are facing depression. Simple motivational thoughts cannot always help them. Make sure that they open up and take professional help.

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