Personal Development: Motivation For Health

Personal Development: Motivation For Health
Personal Development: Motivation For Health

Getting fit and maintaining wellness is a fad today just as fashion and electronic dance music (EDM) are. You forget that the better motivation to drive yourself to stay healthy is health itself. For true personal development, it’s best to find out what the right motivators are even when it comes to health and fitness.

Society is so bent on defining what the perfect body is through subliminal messages. Social media and advertising have long since been tools used to showcase that one can only be beautiful if he or she is fit like a celebrity or a model.

Unfortunately, this leads to a breaking down of self-worth and self-esteem, causing us to love ourselves less. Furthermore, we begin to compare ourselves to others instead of focusing on bettering the “you” within.

This often leads to unhealthy eating habits for the sake of having that bikini body posted on Instagram. What we fail to realize is that it is slowly ruining our self-image and our perspective of what beauty is. It is also is a crude motivator for maintaining wellness.

However, don’t worry, this isn’t the end of the line. Read on to find out how to keep yourself on that exercise and diet regime without taking away the fun from them.

Personal Development: The End Does Not Justify The Means

Machiavelli may be right with his famous statement in other aspects of life. “The end justifies the means.” But not to burst your bubble, it might be better not to think that way when it comes to health and fitness. There are no shortcuts in this route if you want to do it right.

Now, you know how you often get really excited when you’re doing something new? Whether it’s watching a new Netflix series, starting with a new project at work, or going to the gym. The novelty of what’s new keeps us up and running and sky-high motivated to keep going.

Then the “slump” happens. After some time, we lose that initial excitement and inspiration. And when we allow for this “slump” to continue on, more often than not, we end up quitting.

We want to assure you that you’re not the only one who goes through this kind of cycle in life. We also want to assure you that there’s a way out of it. As you read on, we will be focusing on how to stay motivated for wellness.

Staying Motivated: Finding The Right Diet And Exercise Regimen

Personal Development: Motivation For Health

As we’ve mentioned earlier, we’re all great “starters.” We put our best foot forward at the starting line and pick up the pack as we reach the halfway goal, and sometimes, not even. However, somewhere along the way, we begin to struggle until we find ourselves failing and stopping way too soon.

And this is especially true when it comes to dieting and exercising. So the question is: How can I stay motivated for diet and exercise?

First: Stay true to yourself. It sounds a little cheesy. Nonetheless, it’s not false. Don’t try to look like this celebrity or that celebrity. They can stand as your inspiration, but never the goal. Embrace your body and your body type. Be confident with you are and understand that your body shape is just a part of your physical body. These are not what makes you who you are.

Second: Find a diet plan and an exercise routine that’s tailor-fitted to your everyday routine. If 30-45 minutes every other day is what will work for you, do it. If you can spare an hour daily, do it. The point is that you need to find one that you know you can do for the long term. Make it grounded in your reality.

Third: Go back to the basics. Slow cut junk food away from your diet. The less you are able to cut off, the better. If you want to just stay away from it all at once and altogether, go ahead. Create cheat days to satisfy those cravings from time to time, and to avoid binge-eating like there’s no tomorrow.

Fourth: Tell a friend. Have someone trustworthy go on this journey with you. They’re not there to be your crutch. No. You can do this on your own. On the other hand, it will be helpful to have someone who can encourage you to continue. If they want to hop on the bandwagon with you, by all means, let them!

Fifth (and final): Don’t let vanity be your goal. Let health be it. Of course, what we want at the end of this process is to “look great” the way you want to when in front of a mirror. Still, health should be the primary factor here. Why? Because wellness is something that must be kept by any age. Vanity fades, but not health. You’re already beautiful. So stay on your journey to be healthy.

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