Positive Motivation Dog Training

positive motivation dog training

Do you want to learn more about positive motivation dog training? As a dog trainer, I see many people fall victim to this one critical mistake. You see, positive motivation is a great concept, and it does work wonders with dogs, but people often make a big mistake of using it in training programs. In order to properly apply positive training to your dog, you have to understand that there are underlying issues at play here. If you can fix these problems, you will not only have a more effective dog, but you will also solve many behavior problems as well.

The biggest issue that most people have when it comes to positive motivation dog training is that their dog doesn’t really want anything to do. This sounds horrible, but it’s true. Many times dogs simply don’t want to do the things you ask of them. They don’t see the point, or they simply don’t care. However, if you focus on this and address the underlying issues, you can train your dog to be motivated to do the right thing.

Basic Obedience Issues

Now, I know that most people don’t like to use positive motivation dog training for basic obedience issues. However, there are times when it absolutely has to be used. For example, if your dog constantly barks at you while you’re walking through the backyard, or if he consistently goes for your garbage cans, then you need to address these issues head-on.

The reason I say this, however, is that most people only focus on training for basic obedience and ignore aggressive behavior. Yes, aggressive dogs can be corrected, but you must focus on the problem. You must use positive reinforcement, even if your dog is not showing any signs of aggression. By doing so, your dog will gradually learn what is acceptable, and what is unacceptable. The problem, however, is that if you have a dominant breed of dog, then this approach may not work as well. In this case, you’ll have to go with an alternative training method such as dog training classes or private trainers.

Stubborn Or Aggressive Dog

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I’ve seen some cases where owners try using positive dog training techniques with a stubborn or aggressive dog. They tell the poor fellow that he’s a complete idiot and let him have it. After all, he did nothing to correct his behavior. Remember, in order to train your dog, you must make sure it understands the commands and isn’t just responding to them based on what it wants. It doesn’t matter whether the dog is a complete idiot or not.

However, in many cases, owners resort to yelling and screaming at their dogs, or even physically hurting them. This is totally unacceptable. No one should be trying to harm their animals, particularly those they love. A dog owner who hurts their dog because they are frustrated will actually do more damage to the relationship between dog and owner. I can’t even imagine how bad it would feel to receive a slap from your own dog.

Teach Your Dog

So how do you teach your dog how to behave? You can’t just shout at your dog and tell it to get down. This will only teach them to fear you, which won’t help their aggressive behavior.

If they are frightened of you, then they will attack you when you go near them. You have to get them to obey you instead. You can’t achieve this by hitting them or smacking them, as this doesn’t teach them any kind of discipline.


If you are around your dog constantly, then it will become natural for him to want to please you. Also, be sure not to shout at your dog when he is exhibiting bad behavior. A simple “no” will do the trick, but shouting at him won’t help your positive motivation dog training at all.

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