Positive Motivation Tips from Elon Musk

Positive Motivation Tips

Meta Description: Do you feel that your life is going nowhere? Are you afraid you will not get admission into your dream college? Here are some positive motivation tips from Elon Musk and Google.

Google is constantly being ranked as one of the best offices to work in. You might be thinking that you need a degree from big universities like Harvard to be able to work in Google. But that is not the fact! Google believes that you do not need a fancy college degree to get a job there. To second this sentiment, even one of the most successful business people in the world – Elon Musk says that you don’t need a degree to get hired. It is worth listening to their reasons behind this revelation. These are some positive motivation tips you can use in your life.

Elon Musk was once asked in an interview in 2014, which colleges he likes to hire his employees from. He replied saying, “There’s no need to even have a college degree… at all… or even high school.” He stressed his point by saying that even Steve Jobs did not graduate from college and given a chance he (and you) would certainly be remiss not to hire him. What Elon Musk gives importance to is the evidence of exceptional ability. He continues to explain that, “if there’s a track record of exceptional achievement, then it’s likely that that will continue into the future.” And Google certainly seconds his opinion.

Positive Motivation Tips

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The giant company gives less weightage to where you went to college, but pays more attention to the qualities applicants brings to the table. In an interview in 2015 with CNN, Laslo Bock, head of People Operations in Google, said that their company actually seeks for four different qualities while hiring:

Problem Solvers

Google recruiters check how well you solve problems. They evaluate your cognitive ability and if you succeed, hire you.


They also rely on your leadership qualities. Even if you have held a leadership position on papers, they check whether you can step in and solve problems at the onset of a crisis. If you step aside to let someone else take the lead, when that makes more sense, is also a characteristic they look for.


‘Culture Fit’ is the new term that is doing rounds amidst the employees of 2018 and in many urban dictionaries. This is a key criterion for getting a job in 2018. Google values diversity over conformity. They prefer to hire people who are different, because they feel that diversity gives them great ideas.

Intellectually Humble and Conscientious

Google also prefers to hire people who are willing to admit when they are wrong. They like to keep people who think of the company like owners and not like employees.

Although Laslo Bock does not exactly say that one does not need a degree to get in at all, he does stress on the fact that the company focuses on degrees less than it used to today because they believe that degrees are not a true indicator of performance. He elaborates that high grades only indicate performance for the first two years and that’s it.

End Note

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This is very helpful for those who believe that getting an admission in one of the best colleges is very important for their careers. A modern job hunt is no longer based on your degrees, merits and achievements. Recruiters look for something else today that can be beneficial to their company in the long run. So take these positive motivation tips seriously and go on with your life without feeling low.

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