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Psychological Books: Mysteries Of Human Mind


Our brain is a strong weapon provided we use it in the right way. Unfortunately, many people are not able to tap the potentials of their brains. Even worse, the majority of them end up turning it against themselves, using it as their detriment. If you have also been a victim of this situation, you can change things by going through the following psychological books.

So, have a look.

Psychological Books: Mysteries Of Human Mind
Psychological Books: Mysteries Of Human Mind

The Confidence Game: Why We Fall For It . . . Every Time by Maria Konnikova- Psychological Books

This excellent book teaches you the tricks and the tips used for fooling others. It lets you ponder on things like how con artists grab success. Even when people know that pyramid plans are frauds, they fall for it. It is because con artists are aware of certain flaws in every mind.

They use these flaws to conning people. Reading this book will help you in avoid being fooled ever again. Or who knows you can become the next big con artist.

What To Do When You’re New By Keith Rollag – Psychological Books

This book by Keith Rollag brings you face to face with the techniques and tricks you can use to become friends with strangers. Remember the time when you were a new child at school? You felt awkward to mingle with the other classmates.

The same happens even when you are an adult. Social anxiety makes it difficult for you to cope up at parties, new workplaces, and conferences. After reading What To Do When You’re New, you will no longer feel strange in a new environment.

Games People Play: The Psychology Of Human Relationships By Eric Berne

It is quite natural for people in this world to play mind games with one another. It can be either intentionally or involuntarily. It is psychology of human being. Nevertheless, the problem arises when these games have a negative influence on people.

These negative influences can quickly be done away with by learning the right way of recognizing, counteracting, and sidestepping them. This book offers its readers the tools needed for doing this. Readers of this book will be successful in forging more meaningful and deeper relations with the people around them.

Psychological Books: Mysteries Of Human Mind
Psychological Books: Mysteries Of Human Mind

How The World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through The Science Of Fascination

This fascinating psychological book By Sally Hogshead explores how our exclusive personality and the way people perceive us can be used for our benefit. This book also offers its readers with the tools needed to better read the people around them. It will help the readers use social dynamics to work in their favor.

Magic Words: The Science And Secrets Behind 7 Words That Motivate, Engage, And Influence By Tim David

This lucid and persuasive book teaches its readers the seven magical words that, when used in the right way, can win others. It depends on the principle of how things work. It is not just about what you speak but even how you talk.