Snowflake Christmas Lights LED Lights

Snowflake Christmas Lights LED Lights

Christmas brings celebrations and celebrations are incomplete without festive lights. Snowflake Christmas Lights LED Lights are all you need to complete your festivities.  These lights spark up your house, garden and of course the festival spirit. Each bulb comes clad under the snowflake shape cover that looks like the glowing snowflakes. They look beautiful at any time of the day, be it day or night.

Snowflake Christmas Lights LED Lights

Features Of Snowflake Christmas Lights LED Lights

The features of Snowflake Christmas Lights LED Lights are as follows:

  1. Decoration: The Snowflake Christmas LED Lights are a beautiful piece of decoration. With this, you can decorate and lit any corner of your house, terrace or garden.
  2. Material: The Snowflake Christmas LED Lights comprises of copper wire and plastic. 
  3. Colour: This LED Lights are available in three color variants namely, white, warm white and multicolor.
  4. Length:  LED Lights are available in following four-length 
    1. 1.2 m with 10 pcs. LED lights
    2.  3 m with 20 pcs. LED lights
    3.  6 m with 40 pcs. LED lights; and
    4.  10 m with 80 pcs. LED lights.
  5. Power Source: Sparkling Snowflake Christmas LED Lights operate with AA Battery Powered and does not require any other electrical connection.
  6. Function Mode: There is two function mode of LED Lights. They are Steady on and flash which can be adjusted easily.

Convenient To Use

The Snowflake Christmas Light LED Lights are very convenient to use. They are ready to use and operate with the insertion of the AA battery. There is a need no electricity connection or extra wiring to operate these LED Lights. Just hang them wherever you want.  Use it on your Christmas tree. Or simply hang them on the wall randomly or in your desired shape. Besides, they look great when wrapping around the trees or placed on plants. You can also hang them around the crib and enjoy on any mode. If you want, you can hang them on your terrace too and invite compliments. 

Snowflake Christmas Lights LED Lights
Snowflake Christmas Lights LED Lights


There are several benefits associated with LED Lights. They are as hereunder:

  1. Energy Saving: These LED Lights are energy savers since they operate on AA battery and not on electricity connection. Hence, they save the electricity bill. On the other hand, they take very little power of the battery to operate.
  2. Environment-friendly: The LED Lights operate on battery and do not require any additional fuel like coal, gas, oil, wax, etc. to generate light. Besides, they do not emit any harmful light, gas, fumes or rays.
  3. Safe: The safety is the priority with LED Lights. Due to the absence of electricity connection with these lights, there is no risk of any accident attached to it. Thus, it is safe to use even by the children.
  4. Multi-purpose: You can use LED Lights on any occasion throughout the year and not limited to Christmas, that includes, new year, birthdays, party, etc. Besides, you can use them on Christmas tree, garden, wall, branches of trees, etc.

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