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Talent: What Do We Understand By This?


What is talent? It is something that we are blessed to have been born with. It’s something that is inherited in us naturally. Talent or endowment can be of any kind be it creativity, dancing, singing, and cooking or whatsoever. Many people die without even exploring the talent they had. Some live in utter confusion whether they are talented enough to make an impact on the world.

Why We Must Recognize The Talent?

Everyone is talented but if we will judge an eagle on the merit of its swimming skill rather than flying it will never realize it’s true potential. Similarly, if we ignore our talent and pursue an altogether different path from our liking we can never truly excel in our endeavors. It’s important for us to realize our true spirit. While growing up most of us realizes what makes us happy and what really excites us from within. But when it comes to the profession we always choose convenience and stability rather than pursuing our true desire. Though it is not bad to want stability and most people choose the more convenient option instead of taking any risk. But the problem comes when they feel unsatisfied despite having material stability. The main reason is the yearning our mind has to go through for not having what it really wants.

Talent: What Do We Understand By This?
Talent: What Do We Understand By This?

After a while, it then starts to die within and we forget to live our lives  instead of just breathing

What Happens When We Choose To Live Our life  By Using Our Talent:

Let’s compare two-person, both had an interest in photography and wholeheartedly wanted to be a photographer. One of them is now an engineer working in a big organization and earning a six-digit salary and stability. Other Person, after much hardship, has started getting recognition and is doing what he actually wanted to do. Who will have a more satisfying work-life? Chances are high for the photographer because he is doing what he always wanted to do. The Other person instead of having everything might get the thought that he could have been following his heart. It is good to use the talent we are blessed with.

It’s Time To Recognize The Talent and Work On It:

Talent: What Do We Understand By This?
Talent: What Do We Understand By This?

It’s never too late to start what we always wanted to do. We all have different talents but it’s a pity that most of us never realize it and those who do are unsure of it. There are only a few people who have the courage and dissemination to pursue their heart’s desire. It is always good to use our talent than wasting it. It is up to us to take the initiative and follow our passion because when we are passionate about what we do, we can create wonders. Not only that, but it will also lead to a more fulfilling and rewarding life where we can not only just eat and drink but will live our life to the fullest.

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