The Powerful Motivational Quotes of the Day

positive motivation quote of the day

There are thousands of motivational quotes to inspire you every day, from motivational speeches from motivational speakers to motivational books to motivational CDs and movies, but finding the perfect quote can be challenging. Finding a perfect quote that is perfect for you can be tricky, so why not use them to help you find your true purpose and passion? Here is a list of some of your favorite quotes:

“Perfection is the dream of all men.” – Mark Twain

“I am not perfect, but I strive to be the best.” – Stephen Covey

“If you would have all the answers, you would ask no questions.” – Henry David Thoreau

“It takes to make a man perfect is much more than what makes him perfect.” – Winston Churchill

“Live life well, but don’t live life too hard.” – Ziglar

Positive Motivational Quotes Of The Day To Keep You Up

“Be the best you can be, and if you cannot be, try to be the best you can be.” – Albert Einstein

“There is no need to be perfect, just the right amount.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“If you’re looking for a motivational quote of the day, the last thing you need to listen to are the words, ‘It’s in the little things that count.’ It’s in the little things that count because they are the ones that create your greatness.” – Unknown

“We are what we repeatedly do.” – Jim Rohn

“The most important thing in life isn’t what’s going on around you, but what’s going on inside of you.” – Tony Robbins

“The way you look at things is the way you view life.” – Thomas Watson

“Laughter is the best medicine.” – Pablo Picasso

“Laughter is the one thing that can change your life.” – Jim Rohn

“Your life is all about you; it is no longer about you; it is about you making a difference in someone else’s life.” – Oprah Winfrey

Positive Motivational Quotes Of The Day To Keep Your Inspired

“I didn’t ask to be born with all the answers. It’s the way I use them that counts.” – Benjamin Franklin

“Never underestimate the power of motivating yourself to get through everyday challenges, even tough challenges, because it’s one of the most powerful ways to move forward in your life.” – Joe Vitale

“Achieving is easy when you are motivated to succeed.” – Richard Bandler

“The power of inspiring others to work harder for you is often greater than the power of inspiring yourself to do the same.” – Robert Kiyosaki

“Life is about living your dreams.” – Bob Proctor

“Life’s lessons are not always about what happened, but what is about to happen.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Meditate on what you want, and you will motivate yourself to act.” – Napoleon Hill

“There is a lot to say about motivation, but the most important part of all’s… how do you want it to happen?” – Albert Einstein

Motivational Quotes To Inspire You

“When you start thinking about how you are going to accomplish a goal, that’s when the motivational quote comes in handy.” – Jack Canfield

These are just a few of the motivational quotes that you can choose from. You may also be surprised about what comes to mind for you the next time you feel down and frustrated.

“If you believe that you can, you will feel like you can.” – Oprah Winfrey

“The secret to feeling great is to have something in life that gives you a purpose.” – Jim Rohn

When you think about the words that you speak every day to make your life better, it may come to mind. I know I am reminded of those words every time I start my day. “Keep your chin up!” John Lennon

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