Top Christian Motivational Books To Inspire You

Christian Motivational Books

The sheer number of unwelcome occurrences this year has left a lot of us feeling downhearted. To get us going, we might find ourselves needing some sort of external motivation to couple with our prayers. There are good Christian books out there that are excellent for uplifting you and helping you sharpen your focus. They assist in strengthening your spiritual life and your connection with God. They also help you tackle problems in your spiritual journey. Here are a few of them:

Empty Out The Negative by Joel Osteen

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This is a short book that teaches you the importance of positivity in all situations. Using real-life stories as examples, Joel Osteen instructs on how to eliminate negativity from your life. Another Joel Osteen book that teaches you to become a better version of yourself is Become A Better You.

God Will Use This For Good: Surviving The Mess Of Life by Max Lucado

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This is a very short book, about 56 pages, emphasizing that God will never leave you. Max Lucado uses the story of Joseph to illustrate how God can pick you up from the worst of situations. In this easily digestible, yet powerful book, he talks about how to harness the power of prayer. Other uplifting books by Max Lucado include Unshakeable Hope, How Happiness Happens and You Are Never Alone.

Brazen: Be A Voice, Not An Echo by Sean Feucht

In a world of so many dangers, it is too easy to stay in our comfort zones. Too easy to forget that we have what it takes to do great things for Christ. In this book, Sean takes us through the journey of his life. Using his life experiences, he talks about the importance of courage, and trusting God in dire situations.

Do It Afraid!: Obeying God In The Face Of Fear by Joyce Meyer

Fear is a major factor that keeps many Christians from reaching their full potential. In this book, Joyce Meyer addresses the issue of fear. She teaches us to acknowledge our fear, but understand that God’s promises remain steadfast. She talks about how we can obey God, despite fear, trusting that He is always with us. Another soul-enriching book of Meyer’s is Battlefield Of The Mind.

Something Needs To Change: A Call To Make Your Life Count In A World Of Urgent Need by David Platt

This book is a strong call to action. It details David Platt’s week-long evangelical journey through the areas around the Himalayan mountains. He talks about the extent of suffering he witnessed and asks thought-provoking questions. He also inspires readers to surrender their lives to Christ’s power, in order to make great impacts in the world.

Dream Big: Know What You Want, Why You Want It, and What You’re Going To Do About It by Bob Goff

If you’ve been putting off following your ambition, here’s the book for you. Bob Goff combines audacity and humour in this book, telling you to go get what you want. He also uses anecdotes and analogies to drive home his points. This book will leave you bubbling with enthusiasm to fulfill your dreams.

Other good motivational Christian books include Get Out Of Your Head by Jennie Allen and Better Decisions,Fewer Regrets by Andy Stanley

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