What You Should Know About Self-Confidence

With the advent of social media growing by the second, it’s so easy for someone who has a week’s hold on his or herself to fall into the trap of “comparison.” There are thousands of pictures and videos that bring subliminal messages of what looks good and what doesn’t. What a good body figure is and what isn’t. Before we know it, our self-confidence dwindles and we’re unsure how to keep it stable and strong.

What You Should Know About Self-Confidence

And although at the end of the day, the decision of whether we will allow ourselves to be swayed by these media influences or not is up to us, it still seems like there isn’t an easy choice to make.

Also, it isn’t rocket science (as the cliche goes). We don’t have to solve some complicated random equations to get the answer. We don’t need to prove any theorem to find the core that holds our self-awareness together. It’s all in us. It’s innate. And it’s up to us. No one else.

Self-Confidence Defined

What exactly is self-confidence? Based on its dictionary definition, self-confidence is that trust and confidence in one’s capabilities and character. It’s being self-assured about one’s beliefs and decisions. Being positive and present in every single situation he or she is faced with.

Someone who has excellent self-confidence is a person who isn’t easily shaken when things don’t go his or her way.

Can Confidence Be Learnt?

Let us first begin with how some researches have shown that a small percentage of our self-awareness is actually genetic. Psychologists have said that certain hereditary traits are reflected in the way we perceive self-esteem. On the other hand, it is also very much something we can acquire.

Basing on the latter (because the latter is what we can control and has a bigger percentage of what makes up our self-esteem), being confident can be studied and mastered. Plus, it should be constantly practiced. You heard that right, constant practice is key to gaining true confidence.

The Performer’s Pill

What we should aim for isn’t that “performer’s pill” where we’re suddenly high on adrenaline and are confident enough to go on stage (literal and metaphorical) to do what we need to do. This kind of high is short-lived and it cannot be accessed any time we want to.

What You Should Know About Self-Confidence

Instead, what we should aim for is a lasting trust and belief in ourselves. The question is: where do we find it?

In ourselves. And yes, you already knew that at the get-go. But we’re putting an emphasis on this because we tend to forget that the person who hinders us from being our true confident selves is… our self.

People and circumstances can bring us down. But they can only do so much as we allow them to. In addition to this, it’s up to us to be affected by negativity around us. Also, we should teach ourselves to turn that negativity into positivity and build our character and resolve to continue to trust ourselves no matter what.

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