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Your Determination Determines Your Destiny


Determination is the key to achieve your dream. One might dream of becoming a doctor as a kid. Or some other kid, the idea is to become an astronaut.  Dream changes with person to person. A dream might be the center of career for someone while it might be staying together with some special one. Determination is the key that helps one unlock the path to achieving the dream.

When we went to school, our teacher often gave us the task to discuss what is ambition, and my peers would jump one by one to mention what they dreamt of becoming. Many achieved its goals by now. While many did not. Some of them decided to change their purpose. Will power and determination are the power that drives us.

What Is Determination, To Be Exact?

A power to achieve any unreachable goal is determination. Determination helps one individual to travel along with path od pricks and bricks. Determination pushes one to face the hardships, which make our lives interesting.

It is true without hardships; our lives would be a monotonous monologue where there is nothing hard, everything smooth and one way, even in the scenario of having a crush. If you like someone and you get the affection reciprocated, then the value of crush will not have the amount which the word holds. Therefore one should value hardships for it offers us the opportunity to become strong.

Your Determination Determines Your Destiny
Your Determination Determines Your Destiny

Confidence Decides Our Destiny:

We all try setting destiny every day. Destiny might sound big, but the goal is the destiny of our life. We are the ones who decide what should we do and what is bad for us. If we tend to decide recklessly, for instance, if we start taking easy and straightforward decisions for carrying our life out, it might turn out a horror movie by the end. Easy and simple things are easy to take. But if you try taking a different way, which is hard, it might be hard to move along the path, but trust me, it is for the better good.

Our father and mother are the best examples of this reference. Our parents work their level best to full fill all our needs, compromising their luxury. They might dream of getting an expensive brand of watch or a handbag. But when they look at our needs and expense, their dream of buying the expensive watch might seem very shallow in terms of their needs. To them, our success is the biggest dream. Therefore, to ensure a better future, they work hard with full determination to provide us whatever we need.

Your Determination Determines Your Destiny
Your Determination Determines Your Destiny

Determination and destiny are interlinked nouns. With determination, one gets the chance to reach their path to achieve their dream. The ones who lack vision or commitment are nothing but a waste to society. Our life is precious, and our body is a temple. Our surroundings provide us with the necessary items which one needs to survive. But it is a duty to make our living a better opportunity. With a better life, you get the chance to answer yourself what you achieved this entire in your death bed if the answers are satisfying, then, congratulations on your lead fulfilling lives.

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